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Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers will provide you with unmetered web hosting resources for reaching complete software & hardware independence in maintaining your ever-growing online presence. You will keep under your control a whole stand-alone server, with a robust hardware configuration and stable network characteristics.

Each configuration offers an choice of a Linux distribution and full root access to the server. This way you can install and configure any script you need. You could also select our advanced Web Hosting Control Panel - the Hepsia Control Panel. cPanel and DirectAdmin installation is also present

Our Packages

CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu

Choose your Linux version
Using Sheephostingbay’s dedicated servers hosting services will provide an extremely high degree of control over your server setup. Apart from the dedicated hosting server configuration, you’ll as well be given the option to to decide an Linux OS. At the signup page, you’ll discover a pull–down selection with Linux versions – Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS. All you need to do is let us know which OS you will need and we will install it for you along with our free–of–charge, in–house developed Web Control Panel.

A Free Web Control Panel

The most effective option to handle your dedicated hosting server
Dealing with a dedicated hosting server could seem to be sophisticated, yet, using our totally free Web Control Panel, handling your websites and the dedicated hosting server itself can be pretty trouble–free. You’ll actually feel just like making proper use of a standard website hosting service, however with all of the capacity of your dedicated hosting server behind your back. Moreover, you’ll obtain all the 100% free add–ons and specific tools that are available in the Web Control Panel.

A State–of–the–Art Data Center

Upgraded protection and connectivity for your server
We have selected quite possibly the most dependable and secure USA datacenter to house your dedicated hosting server. The Steadfast facility is located in the proximity of a communications portal, at the heart of Chicago, and offers a good amount of system potential and ultra–fast connections to the East and West Coasts. Stability is warranted by an on–site supervising crew online 24/7/365. The chance of breakdowns due to earthquakes is greatly decreased too.

Dedicated Servers with SSD Drives

Dedicated servers with extremely fast SSDs.
The advantages of using solid-state drives should not be underrated when it comes to dedicated servers. They offer dramatically enhanced access speeds and a greater I/O capacity, which implies faster loading websites. This also implies that the server's central processing unit can handle more requests, which will discernibly improve its performance.

This is exactly why the majority of our Intel-powered dedicated servers boast extremely fast & dependable SSD disks by default.

Full Root Access

Get total control of the dedicated hosting server
A dedicated hosting server will give you total control and access to its hosting environment. With every dedicated hosting server, we integrate full root access to the server, so you could employ it for a range of purposes. In particular, you may manage different websites, operate all types of free web applications, build a gaming server and even initiate your individual hosting business. At the same time, we offer you SSH server privileges to create secure server connections.